Why Real Estate Mentoring Matters

Why Real Estate Mentoring Matters

A lot of people are under the impression that all you need to do is simply acquire a real estate license and you are ready for a successful career within the real estate industry in Vancouver. However, there is a lot more to selling a home than simply offering an open house and handing out business cards.

Which is where a mentor can play a huge role in taking you from simply having a license to sell real estate, to having a license in SELLING real estate. Learning local principals and having someone walk you through the diverse ethics of sales in our diverse Metro Vancouver population, are poignant matters that a mentor can help you understand without having you learn them the hard way – a lost sale.

When Jumping Ship Can Result in Your Business Going “Swimmingly”

Jumping ship at your current real estate agency – or career in another field entirely – might seem like a scary concept, but what if I told you that jumping ship would result in better results, increased freedom, and a great income?

Starting a career with Keller Williams Realty means that your success is put into immediate result-driven go-mode. KW immediately offers you training programs as mentioned in my ‘Why Real Estate Training Will Expand Your Wallet’ post, and will help you ignite your success in ways you never imagines possible!

Whether you have been wanting to leave your dead end career and start a career working for yourself, or are looking to increase your real estate sales – KW offers successful, proven and WINNING business models that will assist you to work in an industry that GUARANTEES your success as an agent.

So don’t let fear stand in the way of your success, or a lackluster real estate agency define it either, allow me to help guide you through the KW process and share with you how you can turn your life from status quo to trend setter, by ‘Choosing a Real Estate Career that Counts’!


How To Build Your Freedom by Becoming a Real Estate Agent

When you think of the word “freedom” what comes to mind? Does it prompt ideas of financial freedom and what money could do to enhance your life and the lives of those around you? Does it feel like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders and offers you the opportunity to choose your schedule? Every person will have his or her own ideas of what freedom looks and feels like, but I want to help you fulfill your own version of freedom and teach you ‘How To Build Your Freedom by Becoming a Real Estate Agent’!

Educate is Key

Education is key in any path you pursue, but that doesn’t have to equate to a 4-year degree. Real estate is an excellent industry that allows you to acquire a real estate license in a timely fashion, and get you going in a career quickly.

That being said, further educating yourself within the real estate industry is something that will take your career from “pavement pounding” drudgery, to an inspired agent who can easily map their way to success. Which is where KW comes in…

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